Put the Manuals Where They Belong

Retriever Communications has updated its Barking mobile application to put the right manuals in the hands of field workers to improve the overall experience for technicians in the field.

Retriever has previously attached required documents for a work order, like map extracts or previous site reports, but this new function allows a technician to request reference documentation and manuals dynamically from the field…..all within a single workflow of the application.

Today technicians in the field need to access relevant documentation for services and repairs in a timely manner, but often find themselves with zero internet connectivity to access what they need. Lack of access to relevant information can stall the repair process and negatively impact the customer. It also presents a problem given organizations maintain and store documents and manuals on sites like SharePoint and Google Drive and don’t want to maintain these documents in two places.

Retriever added a Technician Manuals feature to its Barking solution that includes:

Rapid distribution of updated technical product and safety documents: Documents are updated regularly on organizations’ existing intranet sites, but once technicians are in the field, it is harder to access these materials. With this feature, documents are automatically and efficiently replicated…. READ MORE

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