5 misconceptions about microservices

Microservices misconceptions can sabotage your efforts to get buy-in from IT teams and others. We get to the bottom of them.

Perhaps you’ve learned how to explain microservices in plain English and make the case for microservices to people inside and outside of your organization. But can you debunk the common misunderstandings about microservices? This is important, because you will bump up against some people who will insist that microservices, APIs, and IT’s old friend, SOA, are all the same thing. (Actually, no. More on this in a minute.) Such misconceptions can sabotage your hard work to get buy-in from IT teams and others in the business. So we asked IT leaders and software experts to clarify common misunderstandings about microservices –  the kind that can cause you trouble up front and in implementation.

As with any new technology approach, you want to go into microservices with eyes wide open, and a carefully considered plan to keep moving toward goals. Understanding the misunderstandings will help you head them off. Let’s dive in, starting with what the microservices approach isn’t.

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