Can your apps work offline?

Yes, Retriever apps support an occasionally connected environment. Retriever understands the critical need for field staff to be able to work outside network coverage without interruption. If a field worker loses coverage the Retriever solution will automatically re-establish a connection when available and sync the device without prompting from the user.

What devices do your apps work on?

Retriever applications are available on Windows, iOS and Android mobile handhelds and tablets. Retriever also supports a mixed fleet allowing field workers to bring their own devices.

How do you integrate with SAP?

Retriever has integrated with various back office systems including SAP, integration occurs through Web
Services or FTP.

Can you integrate with multiple back office systems?

Yes, Retriever can integrate with any back office system as well as integrate with multiple back office systems using a single field application.

Do you sell software?

Yes, Retriever offers both SaaS and software licensing models.