NAVIGATION  Field Asset Management

Mobilize your Maximo, SAP, & Oracle Asset Management Systems

Retriever’s mobile solutions integrate into any asset management system ensuring compliance and strict SLA management of asset servicing.

Native App & Data Synchronization

Retriever’s field asset management applications equip field workers with up to date asset history and information, enabling them to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reactive and scheduled asset rounds, tracking, measurement and maintenance activities.

Using a ” native” application and data synchronization allows substantial information to be stored and accessed from a mobile devices memory, so that regardless of coverage, asset workers can do the best job possible by using the most complete information available.

Eliminate the Paper-work! 

Relying on paper work processes for asset management burdens field workers with reduced access to asset information and history.

When dealing with complicated assets or a large number of assets over the course of a day; organising, accessing, and completing paperwork becomes a significant and difficult task. Further costs arise, when data from paperwork must be manually entered into an EAMS or other database systems. Even unscheduled or reactive work, will no longer require paper work from the back office because Retriever can push job orders from the field.

Leverage any Mobile Device: Apple, Android, & Windows;

Retriever apps leverage your mobile device’s specific functions such as RFID scanners, barcode readers, GPS position markers, and cameras to help reduce the issue of work being done on the wrong asset and provides proof of delivery.








  • Supports specific workflow required for asset procedures or rounds
  • Full asset history and details actively kept current on the field device
  • Applications can be fully customized to reflect current processes to retain your market differentiation
  • Application can use device specific functions such as camera and GPS
  • Available on any mobile device supporting Windows, iOS or Android
  • Optional scheduling integration
  • Native mobile application with data synchronization ability






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