Eliminate paper based forms from field processes.

Working in the field often means conditions are not suited for copious paper work and this leads to field workers making mistakes or not completing forms correctly. In turn, lower compliance with business processes exposes the business in areas such as safety checks or hazard inspections. Problems arise in distributing new forms or modifying existing forms when using paper forms; issues include compliance in using new versions rather than old and getting common start dates for the form across users.

Distribute & Retrieve electronic forms with ease.

Retriever field forms remove the obstacles that paper forms create. These electronic forms are created, modified and distributed on the same day by business users. Once created they are distributed via Retriever to Windows, IOS or Android devices including handhelds and tablets, removing the need for field staff to return to office to collect new paper forms or use the same device type. Adjustments or modifications can be completed in minutes using Retrievers Formbuilder application and distributed electronically guaranteeing old form types are removed and that all staff are working with the same forms right away.

Forms + Work-flow

Retriever forms are highly customizable and include complex business logic to ensure all field work follows compliance with business processes; by example a mandatory safety check or designed events triggered by user responses. Introducing mandatory steps into forms ensures compliance and that complete information is collected and stored ready to be accessed for billing and review.

Sniffing – a quick start data collection solution

Retriever offers an off the shelf Field Forms solution. For more information see

Electronic Form Features

  • Device agnostic electronic forms supporting Windows, iOS and Android as well as any form factor
  • Full relational database can aggregate all forms for all workers allowing immediate and complete management reporting.
  • Easy to build and modify using Retrievers Formbuilder tool
  • Ability to include photos and GPS markers
  • (Optional) Integrates with Retriever Scheduling or back office systems.


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