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Automate Field Inspections

A standard metric is that for every one hour inspecting, three hours of paperwork are generated. Working with paper based forms creates inefficiencies that an automated field inspection solution helps eliminate. Distributing updated forms to reflect new business focus requires considerable time and coordination when working with paper forms, and offers no guarantee that old forms are removed from circulation. Retriever’s field inspection solution allows your inspectors to capture complete, accurate information in the field providing outcomes faster than ever before.

A Flexible Mobile Solution

Available on any mobile device supporting Windows, iOS or Android our highly customizable applications are built to reflect current paper based workflows and feature a full relational database. All information recorded during an inspection is wirelessly sent back in real time with integration into any backend system.

eForms + Schedule + Delivery = Complete Solution. 

A Retriever field inspection solution incorporates our Formbuilder tool so electronic forms can be modified and distributed wirelessly to the Field Forms application with ease by business users. Using Retrievers Scheduling capability, a field inspector’s status and availability can easily be assessed, allowing greater visibility of field activities.


  • Device agnostic electronic forms supporting Windows, iOS and Android as well as any form factor
  • Full relational database can aggregate all forms for all workers
  • Easy to build and modify using Retrievers Formbuilder tool
  • Improve job response time with optimized, automated and/or manual job assignment and dispatch
  • More jobs completed each day with streamlined field data collection
  • Achieve the contracted service level agreements with accurate information captured in the field
  • Expand the flexibility of team and crew assignments with jobs sent and received in real-time
  • Comprehensive reporting ability; automatically generate job reports immediately after work is completed
  • Integrates into any backend system through Web Services, HTTP/S, FTP, Direct DB and Shared FS

Retriever offers an off the shelf solution that caters for field inspections teams.

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