NAVIGATION  Site Risk Management

Stop using Paper Based Risk Assessments!

Retriever’s mobile risk management solution electronically integrates environmental, occupational health, & safety controls into field automation processes, enabling the highest levels of technician safety, and ensuring your regulatory compliance position.

Relying on field workers to utilise paper based risk assessments decreases compliance levels and reporting abilities. Completing paper work while in the field is cumbersome and provides a disincentive for safety evaluation forms to be completed accurately on a regular basis. Site specific forms further increase the complications involved with having the correct information on hand, and makes it difficult for field workers to achieve full compliance.

Electronic JSA, Checklists, Inspections, & Audits.

Our mobile risk management solution provides the ability to create electronic forms using Retriever Formbuilder. EHS staff, not IT, can convert existing documents into electronic forms that can be easily modified and distributed to field users. Customized to reflect your current processes, your job hazard inspection forms can be a mandatory process before a job begins ensuring full completion at every work site.

Quickly Distribute & Retrieve Forms from the Field.

Retriever’s mobile risk management solution utilizes our Field Forms application for electronic field data collection processes.  Once completed all forms are automatically sent back to the office for future review and reporting with the ability to integrate into EHS management systems. Detailed reports can be generated for individual field workers, specific sites, or entire field forces.


  • Electronic customizable safety evaluation forms embedded into Retriever field automation process or as a stand alone application
  • Wirelessly transmit data back to office
  • Develop and distribute safety evaluation forms or site specific forms to all field workers
  • Integrates into any management compliance or back-end system


* Electrical
* Engineering
* Environmental
* Gaming
* Industrial
* Mechanical
* Medical/Dental
* Oilfield
* Utilities

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