Here’s Why Field Service Technicians Are Your New Brand Ambassadors

Remember when our idea of customer service was one touch point, a call center which allowed for limited customer interactions?

Fast forward to today, and what used to be thought of as customer service is now just a piece of the overall customer experience. Technology adoption at service-oriented retailers such as Amazon, are driving expectations across the board and shaking things up in the field service industry.

Putting the Service in Field Service Calls.

Positive customer experience has become a competitive differentiator for service-related industries. From cable and utilities, to energy and HVAC, customer experience has become one of the top priorities in industrial enterprise.

Modern-day customers expect and demand high levels of real-time visibility, communication and control over their interactions with their service providers. Field service companies today need to deliver on expectations across the entire experience — a major shift in thinking from the old paradigms of customer service.

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