Unless a wireless app reflects your company’s workflow, end user acceptance and productivity gains will not be achieved!

When your company is doing its first wireless app you need to ensure it is successful. More importantly, mobile design is not normal IT design – it is about delivering intuitive apps that reflect the end users needs, in contrast to a standard IT environment of having a defined solution and training staff to use it.

Retriever has completed more than 200 mobility projects successfully.

This experience has led us to develop a set of Mobility Golden Rules which if adhered to avoid the common traps in mobility design. Retriever apps are built using our RADE3 and Formbuilder tool sets. The app development tool, RADE, allows the rapid development of prototypes. While RADE allows the development of any look and feel, if the App is developed by Retriever, we have a series of colour and design rules to ensure intuitiveness and clarity of the Application.

Retriever integrates with systems such as Maximo/SAP/Pronto/Remedy/Oracle, and “in house” developed applications.

We have found this to be a successful approach as it allows internal discussion of the Apps capabilities and look-and-feel prior to a full commitment on requirements. This reiterative approach ensures that workflows implemented are easy to use. The tool also defines the integration to back office systems and is self documenting.

Retriever offers a full testing system infrastructure to customers and partners implementing mobile applications. Including, a quality acceptance procedure to certify “Apps”, prior to deployment in Retriever’s Cloud.

Let Retriever or one of our “trained” Partners implement your next mobile application.

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