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Retriever develops mobile applications that are perfect for companies implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. All Retriever applications are up-grade proofed, regardless of device, or OS changes. We guarantee that once your mobile application is developed on Retriever’s Mobile Platform, it will always work on your current mobile devices: Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Mobile applications that improve operations.Field operations are your competitive differentiator. How efficiently are you operating your assets or delivering your service?

Retriever partners with Clients to tailor and configure mobile applications that match and improve upon your business processes, enabling your company to retain it’s unique competitive advantage.

Retriever provides the work-flow necessary for you to dispatch and retrieve data from the field via WiFi, so your field force can complete their work faster and more accurately, than ever before. Gone are the long delays of waiting for hard to read field reports and the tedium of entering the data into your data base systems.

Retriever Business apps integrate with any back-office system (Maximo, SAP, Oracle, Pronto).

Retriever Business apps also decrease billing cycles as information captured electronically is more accurate and readily available, as soon as a job is finished. By introducing mandatory processes into the application, guiding field workers through the job, Retriever apps help organizations obtain work process compliance.

Mobility eliminates paper processes in the field.

Using paper forms to complete field work is slow and cumbersome, often hampering the work done by field workers. Office environments progressed from working solely with paper years ago, why not field workers?

Complicated field operations often means taking volumes of documentation to work sites, where they are exposed to the elements and complicate the job procedure with data collection during a difficult or dangerous task.

Retriever designs your mobile applications for quick and easy data collection, so your field force can concentrate on the job process, instead of the data collection.

Key Features of Retriever Applications

  • Any mobile device, BYOD: phone, tablet, handheld on Android, iOS, & Windows.
  • Native applications for optimum device performance & the best user experience.
  • Procedures are supported. Enabling complex workflow and e-signatures.
  • Reference data support. Synchronized for up to date inventory lists & asset information.
  • Replace paper process with electronic applications that improve operations in the field & back-office.
  • No WiFi or limited connectivity. No problem with Retriever’s store & forward design.
  • Multiple applications on a single device to maximize mobile device ROI.
  • UpGrades for applications. No worries about future mobile device and OS releases.

* Oracle
* Sage
* Dynamics & Great Plains
* QuickBooks Enterprise
* Pronto
* Maximo

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