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Retriever is a “mobile enterprise application platform” for B2B, B2E or B2C environments.

Gartner has referred to this capability as a MEAP, MADP or WAG.  Retriever Communications software solutions enable the development, deployment and management of robust, secure, cross platform, fully internationalized (I18N) native mobile applications, hosted in the cloud (Software as a Service – SaaS) or within the enterprise. It will operate across any IP based network, including the Internet, GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G mobile networks, Wi-Fi and corporate ethernet networks.

Native Mobile Development

Developing native applications separately for each platform is a costly endeavour, developing a web app that operates on all platforms but compromises on features fails to deliver the best end user experience. In contrast Retriever technology allows a native application to be developed once and deployed to any mobile device with no changes.

Wireless Application Gateway

The Retriever Wireless Application Gateway “WAG” allows automatic pushing of data to the mobile device, communicates to and from the device, automates communication recovery, manages full in-field device recovery, provides security or can link to corporate security servers, updates changes to reference files and lists on the smartphone to ensure currency, allows interactive inquiry to back office systems, integrates to multiple back office systems or middleware and is highly scalable.

Retriever Server

The Retriever server contains various components that comprise the complete Retriever solution.

  • Wireless Application Gateway (WAG) provides a mobile middleware component that is reliable, secure, scalable and allows remote field workers to connect to their office systems.
  • Mobile Device Manager or “Watchdog” allows the remote updating of the mobile application and assists installation and remote app management.
  • Organization Manager allows role based security changes (user management can also be configured to use external systems such as RADIUS and LDAP)
  • Integration Manager is responsible for ensuring data is transferred reliably between the office system and the Retriever Enterprise Edition. It provides a number of integration options including Web Services, HTTP and FTP. The integration manager can communicate with multiple customer systems concurrently.

Mobile Application

The mobile application provides a mobile extension to the office system allowing the Field Workers to work with data remotely. It is specifically designed to work in disconnected mode allowing for imperfections in the mobile networks. The mobile application communicates with the WAG using the Retriever synchronization protocol. Mobile applications are not limited by device and can operate on Windows, iOS and Android with Retriever supplying an abstraction layer specific to the OS.

Security – Retriever’s security module ensures that only authorized users have access to the WAG. HTTPS is used to ensure security of data transfer.


Retriever Technology Brochure

Retriever Management Console

The Retriever Management Console (RMC) provides a web based user interface for configuring and monitoring the WAG. It assists in the integration of the WAG with the office system and the ongoing monitoring of the WAG processes to ensure the system is functioning correctly. Each WAG can support a number of different Mobile Applications allowing large corporations to deploy multiple Mobile Applications using identical WAG instances.

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* QuickBooks Enterprise
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