Retriever has been delivering under a Software as a Service or “SaaS” since 2000.

Our SaaS model is somewhat different than market standard, it is not a purchase software licenses and then pay for hosting, rather it includes everything. By everything we mean that a single monthly fee includes software licenses, software maintenance, hosting services 24 x 7and level 2 application help support.

The benefits are easily apparent: payment is monthly so it is in synch with the benefits as they are achieved by your company, the service is supported by mobility experts ensuring quality, hours of support coverage and speed to market as no infrastructure set up is required.

Field workers are often working outside of standard IT support hours. Our answer is a Cloud or Software as a Service “SaaS” offering.

Our philosophy has always been that mobility apps in particular suit a cloud solution, since the data is “Operational” sensitive. Operation’s need substantive out of hour’s reliability and support. They need a complex support team as problems often spans software, device hardware, and communication networks. Retriever guarantees its service delivery and quality under a contracted Service Level Agreement with its customers. To ensure our capability we host our systems in world class sites with full systems redundancy.

Internal IT can have too many demands on their attention, which results in delayed mobility projects slated for next year or worse.

Retriever guarantees that cloud applications are always available on current technology at no additional charge. This has meant that our customers who deployed on Windows Mobile 5 four years ago, can today, run their application on Android or iOS at no additional charge. It is all part of a complete service.

We are also sensitive to the requirement of some organizations to have their data NOT move outside of national boundaries, consequently Retriever offers data hosting in 17 countries.

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