At Retriever, we only do mobility and we have delivered support since 1999.

By using our support services, you are guaranteed a qualified and experience person will provide your company assistance. In a market where mobile devices can be on many versions of Android, Windows or Apple’s iOS, where there are over 100 device variations in use and communications are from a public carrier the complexity of delivering quality support to your company’s mobile users is substantive.

Retriever offers a level 2 application help desk from 7am – 4pm, Mondays through Fridays, in any country.

Level 2 means that your company’s help desk has taken the first call and if unable to resolve, the issue escalates to Retriever’s help desk. Help calls normally assist in issues such as in-field recovery, data integration issues, new version deployments, device corruption.

Importantly, our help desk is manned by our own mobility specialist staff, based in Houston Texas and Sydney Australia.

Retriever also offers training on its application development platform, Retriever ADE. Training classes are held every 3 months and covers App design, build, and back-office integration, so please inquire if you are interested in attending.



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