Transport Solution Announcement

Retriever Communications Announces Transport Solution to Provide Holistic View into Commercial Drivers’ Activities

Latest mobile application delivers increased transparency and visibility for logistics and fleet management companies

SYDNEY – May 2, 2018 –  Retriever Communications, a global provider of mobile automation solutions for enterprises in the industrial space, today announced the availability of its Transport Solution, an in-depth product that combines Retriever’s mobile application and reporting tool to provide complete transparency and visibility into drivers’ activities throughout the day. This is the first solution that goes beyond proof of delivery and takes a holistic approach to driver management.

Today most transport tools only focus on delivery, but logistics and fleet management goes far beyond just tracking when a delivery is made. Drivers must complete a range of activities through the course of their work day to comply with laws and best practices from taking required breaks to performing scheduled maintenance checks. However, these activities are often hidden in paperwork and management has little to no visibility into compliance with these regulations until the data is entered days later.

In addition, drivers have become the frontline for companies’ customer experience, and managers need insight into how their brands are being represented by drivers in order to address customer satisfaction appropriately. This includes knowing if a package is delivered outside the allotted window, or being able to see if a driver is approaching their delivery destination. These additional insights are not available with transport solutions that only track deliveries.

Retriever’s Transport Solution is an activity-based, driver-centric tool that takes all the required daily activities and presents them in a clear sequence for the driver. This makes it easier for drivers to complete all tasks required for their run, while simultaneously providing deeper insight for fleet managers.

 Retriever’s Transport Solution:


* Prioritizes a list of all activities and required completion times in a simple step-by-step workflow

* Enforces driver vehicle inspection tasks prior to departure to ensure completion

* Monitors and tracks fatigue breaks to comply with country and state regulations

* Provides real-time transparency of field activities as they are completed allowing for response to trends as they emerge

* Utilizes a native application that operates at all times, both in and out of mobile coverage

“Telematics has traditionally been the sole solution in fatigue management,” said Mary Brittain-White, CEO of Retriever Communications. “Today however, the most effective approach to fleet management is one that that provides a holistic look at driver activity and tracks workflows throughout the entire day, not just when a package is delivered, or fatigue break required. By providing drivers with a transport tool that is intuitive, we are making it simple for them to seamlessly integrate it into their daily schedule. Not only does it help drivers manage their day, but it also closes the data gap by giving managers greater visibility into all activity and compliance.”

Today three transportation fleets service companies are deploying Retriever’s new Transport Solution for their fleet management needs. They represent across the spectrum of transport models: home fleet for a manufacturer, outsourced contracted drivers, complex frozen goods deliveries and simple parcel delivery.

Download the PDF press release here:
Retriever Transport Solution


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