NAVIGATION  University Study: Designing Apps for Technicians working in the Field

Mobile apps are commonly used by technicians when working in the field as a way of recording and accessing information. Existing usability heuristics about mobile app design do not consider the specific contextual limitations of technicians working in the field.

To explore this area, access:UTS conducted detailed contextual inquiries to understand the positives and shortfalls of a range of different apps used by different professionals in the field.


What was the aim of the study?

To examine the experiences of specific field technicians in depth, considering not just the devices and interfaces in isolation but also the broader physical, business and social environment within which they were used.

How did they investigate this?

By conducting detailed contextual inquiries with field technicians who use mobile apps for their day to day work, they were able to understand specific usability issues affecting the use of these apps.

What was the outcome?

From this study, the researchers proposed a set of eight context specific usability heuristics for use by designers and developers creating mobile apps for technicians working in the field.

Who will benefit from this report?

•   Mobile App Developers
•   Mobile App Designers
•   COO’s
•   CIO’s
•   Head of IT
•   Field Service Managers

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