Using Technology to Foster Stronger Customer Relationships

Partnerships are formed through common goals.

The term ‘trusted partner’ is often used to describe an organization that fosters strong relationships with its customers. This can be challenging in the service industry, where customer interactions are often limited to negotiating new service contracts, quoting equipment replacements, and conversations that go something like: “The system isn’t working, when can you get here to fix it?” and “Can you please pay your bill?”

Your performance can be stellar compared to industry averages, but the customer’s viewpoint can be stuck in “I don’t know what I’m paying for, the system still breaks down,” and “You’re only trying to upsell me.”

So, how do you change this?


The obvious starting point is minimizing the impact of faults on your customers. After all, these are the times when your capabilities are in the spotlight. The first step is getting someone there as quickly as possible, which means having a clear picture of who is nearby and available. Location tracking and status update technology is simple; however, the reliability and effectiveness of this information is dependent on the level of engagement you have with your field force. This applies to any technology that interacts with your field force. If the design doesn’t meet their needs, then they won’t use it according to design; therefore, any dependent processes can’t be trusted.

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