NAVIGATION  Field Service Management

Increasing the productivity of your field service work force. 

Retriever’s field service management solution provides the tools necessary for your technicians to capture accurate information on site, complete their job reports faster, so you can manage your resources more efficiently.

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Mobility Improves Resource Management

Retrievers Dispatch & Scheduling system improves job visibility and scheduling capabilities, allowing fast evaluation of the field technician’s availability.

Additionally, mobile device automation provides service managers with near real time status of the job, and activities required to complete the job. Field Techs can even self-schedule emergency or impromptu work with Retriever’s system.

Replaces Paper Based Processes

Using paperwork to complete field service activities is an unnecessarily slow and costly endeavour. Completing and recording complicated job activities on paper forms particularly, when working in harsh environments, hampers the job process, and the quality of information collected. Then, waiting for the field technicians to return the legible paperwork back to the office for review and data entry, only delays billing and wastes administration’s time.

Retriever’s FSM solution eliminates paper processes from the field. By enabling electronic work flow, field technicians can collect accurate job data, and complete more jobs per day, while spending less time on paper work.

This means your crews will no longer need to haul binders of paper to work sites.

Integrates with Accounting & ERP Systems

Retriever’s FSM system integrates with your Accounting & ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Pronto, Sage, Dynamics, and QuickBooks.

This means administration departments receive the electronic “Job” data via WiFi in real time, instead of waiting for paper forms to be delivered. Administration can quickly and easily review the job record for quality pruposes, then they can automatically post job cost information into any back office system for invoicing and inventory purposes.

No more hard to read forms and redundant data entry for the administration team!

Reporting is fast and easy, service reports are generated as PDF files, which can be emailed directly to the customer as soon as the job is completed.

Features Include

  • Retriever’s dispatch and scheduling is a multi-user web 2.0 solution, allowing easier deployment and management of your field force.
  • Supports all the procedures that your field force needs for work orders & field tickets such as: parts & inventory, labor and time sheet capability, job procedures, asset tracking, site history, and safety management.
  • Retriever apps work in limited and no WIFI coverage areas.
  • A fully “Native” mobile application designed to reflect current paperwork processes with “Electronic Signature” capture for maximum job validation.
  • Retriever applications operate on any mobile device supporting Android, iOS, & Windows, so your company can have a mixed “device” deployments.
  • Advanced mobile device management for managing, supporting, tracking and securing remote devices whilst in the field.
  • Integrates with any back office system including: Maximo, SAP, Oracle, SAGE, Microsoft GP, & QuickBooks through Web Services, HTTP/s, FTP, Direct DB and shared FS.
  • Global Support, Retriever operates a 24/5 business day help desk, manned by Retriever mobility specialists.


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