Field Service integration with HubSpot

Seamlessly integrate Sales and Operations. Integrate Retriever Field Service with HubSpot. Combine HubSpot’s powerful CRM platform with Retriever’s Field Service solution.

HubSpot Retriever Field Service

Create Jobs from Deals

Automatically create Jobs in Retriever Field Service when HubSpot Deals reach a particular stage. Easily map between HubSpot Deal properties and Retriever Field Service Job fields. Include additional Deal Owner information.

Update Deals automatically

Automatically transition a Deal to new a stage in HubSpot when a Job is completed in Retriever Field Service. Easily update any Deal properties from job data captured by the Field Worker.

Flexible Scheduling

Field Service integration with HubSpot allows you to pre-assign Jobs in HubSpot or schedule them to a Field Worker in Retriever Field Service. Default Job fields (e.g. Job duration) based on deal stage or any other Deal property.

HubSpot Send Deal to Retriever Field Service
HubSpot Retriever Field Service Deal to Job Creation Dataflow