The Retriever Field Service platform helps you run your business more efficiently,
more profitably,
assign workers new jobs in real-time, and streamline many
of your business operations.

Workforce optimisation is a strategic imperative by management that focuses on
improving the efficiency, productivity, and performance of a company’s field
service employees. The Retriever Workforce Optimisation tool provides an estimated
ROI when operational efficiencies are implemented for the field service workforce.

Add the number of FTE employees that are involved in the delivery of your field service activities.


Add the fully loaded cost for each of your field service employees. 


Add the current average number of jobs per day of your field service employees 


Add the estimated new average of jobs per day of your field service employees. Start for example with 1 job extra per day, e.g current average number of jobs plus 1.

With more streamlined business operations you will be able to increase your average jobs per day.

You can do the ROI exercise multiple times when you change the number of technicians and the fully loaded cost. This will allow you to estimate the ROI when you need to change the headcount and/or the fully loaded costs of your workforce.

By implementing operational efficiencies for outcomes such as a 1st time fix the ROI is very evident. The Retriever Assisted Scheduling automation tool is one of the several key factors that contribute to ROI.

The savings you can achieve based on your current calculation.