Faster Response

Emergency job response

In many businesses being able to react quickly when emergency jobs occur is vital. Especially when it comes to safety. For example, if passengers are stuck in a lift or if medical instruments in a hospital are faulty or not working correctly. In these situations fast response is essential.

Retriever Schedule displays the current location of fieldworkers on a map. Hence an emergency job can be assigned to the closest worker, minimising travel time.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance

Many client contracts have conditions related to meeting service levels, and may include financial penalties if not achieved. Within Retriever, jobs can be marked with an SLA priority that determines the required response and restoration targets.

For example, a maintenance job may have an SLA priority of 3, with a requirement for the fieldworker to accept the job within 2 hours, and to be on-site within 4 hours. When an SLA is in jeopardy of not being met then a notification can be sent to both the fieldworker and the scheduler.Alternative action can then be taken in order to prevent an SLA breach.

Informed Customer Support Staff

Without visibility of worker and job status, customer support staff are often in the dark when customers call in to check the status of a job and when the technician is due to arrive.

Retriever Schedule provides real-time visibility so that the customer support person is able to provide customers with an accurate update, without the need for calling the fieldworker or having to call the customer back.