Retriever Communications CTO Nic Grange has commentary included in Mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog

The article is on enterprise mobile app trends to watch in 2018. Nic writes #4 on how AR/VR will expand into the business world as well as #5 on cross-platform tools becoming a necessity.

There’s a growing gap between mobile usage and enterprise mobile app development over the last few years. While mobile usage is skyrocketing, enterprise mobile app development is lagging behind.

Why? It’s not for lack of demand. Business users want mobile apps. In fact, a recent Gartner survey highlights the issue: Enterprises are responding slowly to the increasing demand for mobile apps.

Gartner’s advice to these businesses: “Development teams need to rethink their priorities and span of control over mobile app development or risk further erosion of IT budgets and the perceived value of IT development.”

In short, the demand for mobile apps is growing within the enterprise. Development teams need to meet this demand, or risk being bypassed altogether. This demand for mobile apps combined with growing mobile usage means only one thing for businesses: Over the next few years, we’ll see mobile development grow significantly in the business world.

While mobile is poised to grow over the next few years, what can we expect in 2018? Today, let’s explore this area. Here are 7 trends you should watch in the coming year: