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From university graduate to Chief Technology Officer, our long-serving employee Nic Grange takes us through his journey at Retriever Communications since joining the company in 2004. Tell us how you ended up at Retriever and about your first role as a software engineer. In early 2004, I was just about to graduate from a software engineering [...]


Devops managers explain what they do

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Retriever’s CTO Nic Grange gives commentary on the role of DevOps in software development, what the core tasks are, and why it benefits a company. The concept of “DevOps,” of blending the two processes of software development and software operation, has moved mountains in the business world. Companies are scrambling to get on board with this innovative philosophy about [...]

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7 Enterprise mobile app trends to watch in 2018

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Retriever Communications CTO Nic Grange has commentary included in Mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog The article is on enterprise mobile app trends to watch in 2018. Nic writes #4 on how AR/VR will expand into the business world as well as #5 on cross-platform tools becoming a necessity. There’s a growing gap between mobile usage and [...]

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