Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is incredibly powerful. It can support a business through almost every aspect of its operations from manufacturing and logistics through to forecasting and financing. In one fell swoop, a business can overcome the challenge of choosing different solutions to support every business function and have an integrated suite of applications that seamlessly pass data between each other giving you complete control over almost everything.

But even the best ERP systems come with constraints. They are designed as generalist systems that meet the needs of a broad swathe of organisations. And while they typically allow users to make modifications to tailor applications to their specific needs, the degree of customisation can be limited. 

In the case of businesses that depend on field service operations powerful ERP solutions, such as Pronto Xi, provide businesses with many of the tools they need.  But systems specifically designed for field mobility may better meet the needs of the field worker because they can offer a much higher level of flexibility.

However, that doesn’t mean businesses with field service teams need to abandon the idea of using an ERP solution. It is possible to use a specialised field mobility solution that works alongside and integrates with your ERP platform. 

For example, when a technician arrives on site to service a HVAC system, they need to access and enter different information to an engineer repairing an escalator. Rather than making the user wade through irrelevant options or information, processes can be simplified so they only see the fields and information they need. 

While ERP platforms may have generic fields and processes for field service teams, they can lack the flexibility to cater for specific needs.

A specialised field mobility solution, that works flexibly through an app, gives every member of the team, from the person allocating the tasks through to technicians and the accounts team that sends the bill, access to the information they need at the right time. 

Data from a field mobility solution, such as Retriever Field Service, gives teams the tools they need in the field. As the software works in concert with the ERP, the data needed by finance, HR. logistics and other teams is moved back and forth automatically – there’s no need for batched data transfers or other convoluted processes. 

While it is possible to modify many ERP platforms, it can be more time and cost effective to use a best of breed solution that complements your ERP. 

ERP software is extremely powerful, but it is not a perfect solution. A purpose-built field service solution that works with your ERP offers businesses the tools they need to successfully allocate and execute field work while ensuring the back office gets the data it needs.