Field service technicians need to access and capture huge amounts of information to successfully complete their work. From the moment a scheduler allocates the task, through to completing the job on site, everything from the site address to a job safety analysis through to the nature of the fault, what parts and tools are needed and reporting on what work was undertaken at site and asset level which needed to be collected, recorded and shared.

A Field Service Mobile app is a powerful tool that enables all this, and much more, to be managed efficiently so field service workers can spend more time helping customers, improving first-time fix rates and ensuring there is a complete record of every activity which was carried out for future reference.

When a client requests a service, the details are entered into a field service application. Once the call is allocated to a technician, their mobile app is automatically updated, wirelessly, and they are notified of the new job and provided with all the information they need.

When on site, the mobile app can not only display the job details but provide them with access to manuals and other documentation. The advanced technology and capability of mobile devices allows them to record images and video as well as their own notes so a complete record of what they see and do is kept.

Retriever Mobile App

Organisations that invest in mobile technology also reap other benefits. The increased productivity that comes with providing field service workers with the information they need in a usable Mobile app Form, when they need it, is complemented by better worker safety.Mobile app Forms are easy-to-use and are an essential tool for companies today. Once the Forms app is installed, it walks you through the process, directing you to the right areas quickly.

And that can be delivered on a smartphone or tablet that work with all the major mobile device platforms and on ruggedised devices where they’re needed.

Maps with GPS location capabilities are essential in today’s world of delivering field service. Location services mean you know where you workers are. Customers can track where technicians are ensuring timely service delivery and customer satisfaction. Mobile platforms can be configured in such a way that alerts are sent automatically if a worker doesn’t report in regularly when they are working in a potentially hazardous location.

Administration is also simplified. As field service workers are capturing data directly in the field service mobile app, there’s no need to rely on memory to provide reports on what was done or to transcribe paper-based notes into an online system. And that data can even be collected when the worker is offline as the information will sync back to central systems once the worker is reconnected to the network either using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Even timesheets are a thing of the past as site arrivals and departures can be automatically captured using location services.

Mobile apps can be customised to meet specific needs. If field service workers need to prepare quotes for future work, they can enter the relevant details on their smartphone or tablet. And if they notice something that may require future attention, they can record it, confident that it will be actioned.

Efficient and effective field service relies on ensuring information is collected and shared to the right people at the right time. A field service mobile app ensures field service technicians are dispatched to jobs efficiently, that they have the information they need, and they can capture and share other data quickly and easily.